When the filter in the Dafi jug should be changed?

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When the filter in the Dafi bottle should be changed?
Marzec 19, 2019

Replacing filters is a key element to ensure the correct filtering process. First of all, remember about regularity – the filter in the jug should be replaced every 4 weeks to ensure that the filtered water is always of the highest quality and cleanliness. It is also very important to properly prepare the filter during the first insertion.

How do you replace the filter in the Dafi jug?

Regardless of whether we buy a new jug, or replace the filter once again, the first mounting of the filter cartridge looks the same. After removing the old filter, the jug should be washed with warm water with a mild detergent and then folded. Place the filter in a jug in the tap water tank, then close the jug, applying the lid. It is also important to filter it twice with water, after inserting a new filter, then pour it out (it can be used, for example, for watering flowers or other household needs.

This ensures that the filter is properly vented and any activated microns that may have escaped from the filter are removed. The last step is to set a reminder to change the filter. If the indicator is manual, the reminder setting is to move the pointer to the date in a month after the first insertion of the new filter. If the jug has an LED sensor, the colour of light will indicate the degree of filter wear – yellow communicates that you should prepare for replacing the filter in the near future, red informs about the expiry of 30 days and replace the filter with a new one.

What else should you remember after replacing the filter?

Remember not to put a jug of water in a place where the sun’s rays will act directly on it. It may cause the development of microorganisms in water and deteriorate its quality. It is best to filter the quantity of water that is needed at the moment, or place a jug of water in the refrigerator. The filtered water should be used within 48 hours.