When the filter in the Dafi bottle should be changed?

Water filtration: soft or hard water?
Water filtration: soft or hard water?
Marzec 17, 2019
When the filter in the Dafi jug should be changed?
Marzec 23, 2019

To enjoy properly filtered water, first of all, remember to regularly replace the filter cartridges, both in filter bottles and Dafi jugs. The manufacturer recommends replacing every 4 weeks, and then we get a guarantee that the filter will stop all impurities and water will meet our expectations. The bottle also has a rotating date stamp that reminds you of the date of exchange. It is also important to properly prepare the bottle and filter before using the bottle.

How to prepare a filter and a Dafi bottle for the first use?

After purchase, the bottle should be washed with warm water with a mild detergent and thoroughly rinsed. The filter should be rinsed out under running cold water for approx. 30 seconds after putting out from the packaging. Fill the bottle in 2/3 with cold water, place the filter in it and turn it off. We shake the bottle vigorously several times to rinse the filter. Water can take on a greyish shade, which is a natural phenomenon. We pour the water out, rinse the bottle and then refill it with cold water again. Then the mouthpiece should be opened and water should be pouring out through the mouthpiece while firmly squeezing the sides of the bottle. Again, we rinse the bottle, fill with cold water and pour it over the mouthpiece again, pressing the sides of the bottle. After these steps, the bottle is ready and the water is ready to be used and can be safely filtered for 4 consecutive weeks. The rinsing process that takes less than 2 minutes aims to remove fine particles from the filter and vent it.

When using the Dafi bottle, remember not to leave it exposed to direct sunlight. It can reduce water quality and ruins the flavour. Thanks to the fact that we can always have a bottle with you, it is also easy to exchange water in it. The filtered water should be used within a maximum of 48 hours.