Water filtration: soft or hard water?

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Marzec 7, 2019
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Water hardness is a basic feature, which is determined on the basis of calcium and magnesium cations present in it as well as iron and manganese sometimes.

Differences between hard and soft water

Hard water due to the mineral compounds dissolved in it may have a characteristic aftertaste. It causes faster scale build-up on household appliances (e.g. kettle, washing machine, shower cabin, washbasin) and requires the use of more cleaning agents and detergents. Hard water dissolves cosmetics, which need to be thoroughly rinsed from the skin, can dry sensitive skin and cause irritation, as well as adversely affect the hair – can become dull and dry with improper care.

Soft water does not affect the taste of dishes or prepared beverages. It has a beneficial effect on our skin, does not dry out but thoroughly cleanses it, and also dissolves cosmetics better, thanks to which they have a better effect and consume much less detergents. Soft water does not create strong sediment from the stone, which affects the better functioning of household appliances,

What kind of water is better for our body?

Water is essential for the proper functioning of our body, which is why it is so important to replenish fluids every day. Every day we should drink about 2 litters of water. The quality and type are certainly, not without significance. It’s best to choose water rich in valuable minerals. Magnesium and calcium, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the heart and brain, are the most important cations that should be included in its composition

Demand for these elements is very high, so it is necessary to deliver them to the body. Thanks to the filtration, the water is safe for health, free of sediments and impurities, and at the same time retains the microelements and elements that occur naturally in water, such as potassium or calcium. You can also choose a Dafi MineralUp filter that enriches water with valuable magnesium ions.

Filtered water is better for household appliances, as its hardness level is reduced, which eliminates scale deposition and extends the life of kettles, irons and coffee makers, and low-mineralized water is recommended, among others in the prevention of kidney stones.