Can you drink water after reverse osmosis?

reverse osmosis
Water filters with reverse osmosis – what is it?
March 7, 2019

What is the process of osmosis and reverse osmosis?

Osmosis is a process that occurs in all living organisms. It consists in passing through the semipermeable membrane of water molecules from a solution with a concentration smaller to a solution that has a higher concentration of molecules. The reverse osmosis process, used in water filters, is based on the reversal of this process, i.e. filtering. Under the pressure of the water supply network through the semi-permeable membrane only the water molecules are squeezed. There is a flow from the higher concentration solution (dirty water) to the lower concentration solution (water without impurities).

A reverse osmosis filter is usually installed in a cabinet under the kitchen sink. Its heart is a semi-permeable osmotic membrane, which – to put it simply, works on the principle of an extremely precise sieve, using a natural reverse osmosis process, i.e. permeating solutions with a higher concentration (one side of the membrane) to places with lower concentration (the other side of the membrane).

Additional benefits

Using water filters softens the water by removing calcium and magnesium ions, causing its hardness. Soft water has better organoleptic features (better taste, no whitish coating on drinks) and is safe for home appliances. Hard water causes the formation of boiler lime scale on the heating elements of washing machines, kettles and other household appliances – it causes a higher consumption of washing agents and sediments on the surface of beverages.

Can you drink water cleaned with reverse osmosis process?

Water after cleaning in reverse osmosis filters can be consumed directly or used for cooking and preparing meals. It is perfectly cleansed of mechanical and organic impurities and is suitable for drinking in the same way as water from jugs or filter bottles. It is healthier and has better taste and smell than unfiltered tap water.